Change Release Notes

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Interim updates to Mainnet Beta:

  • Fixed the 'Max' quick selector button for input values.

  • Users can repay USDC debt from the chain where they originally borrowed from.

  • Users can withdraw USDC supply from the chain where they originally supplied from.

  • USDC withdrawals on Base are enabled by CCTP.



  • The available liquidity to borrow for each asset is now displayed on the main dashboard.



  • Market details page.



  • Pike is listed on DefiLlama (link).

  • Sneak peek of Pike's Point & Referal System.

  • User reminder when fees are high.


  • The transmission model closed prematurely.

Known Issues

  • Users encountering errors when attempting withdrawal can bypass them by slightly reducing the withdrawal amount.

2024.W5 [Mainnet Beta]


  • The Mainnet and interface are now ready for use.

  • Full withdrawal of assets supplied is now enabled.

  • Users can now withdraw USDC from any chain, regardless of which chain they originally supplied from.

  • Added a quick selector for borrows (25%, 50%, 75%) based on the maximum borrowing power.

  • Users can now reopen the transmission modal (found under "Assets to Supply") while the first supply is in progress.

  • Input values will no longer reset after the user switches the USDC chain.

  • The chain selector will automatically close after switching networks.


  • Resolved the issue with the repayment of USDC when the loan is borrowed from multiple chains.

  • Resolved undefined error notifications when withdrawing, and when users attempt to borrow more than available liquidity.

Known issues:

  • In rare instances, deposits and repays may not reflect on the dashboard due to a mechanism designed to prevent dust attacks and interest rate manipulation.

  • USDC borrow and withdrawal transactions through CCTP may take up to 20 minutes. The transaction model will be revised to indicate the estimated time.

  • Users encountering errors when attempting withdrawal can bypass them by slightly reducing the withdrawal amount.

2024.W3 [Testnet 2.0]

17 January 2024


  • Revamped Pike smart contract architecture

    • Accelerated cross-chain transactions by optimizing routes, resulting in shorter transaction completion times.

    • Reduced transport fees through enhanced gas usage optimization.

    • Increased overall reliability by refactoring the codebase to minimize occurrences of dropped and incomplete transactions.

  • Introduced WalletConnect for convenient login using testnet-friendly Crypto wallets such as Zerion.

  • Testnet faucet now includes a transaction model to guide users when requesting funds.

  • Users can now add pikeOP and pikeARB token addresses to Metamask in one click from the faucet page.


  • Resolved UI crashes occurring when users switch to an unsupported network.


10 January 2024


  • Transaction model (E.g: borrow) now provide the estimated change in Health Factor before and after executing the transaction.

  • Users can now connect to the Pike testnet via Rabby Wallet.

  • Increased the duration of the error notification popup for ease of troubleshooting of errors.


  • Resolved the issue where users were mistakenly withdrawing to the wrong destination chain after declining and switching chains midway through transactions.

  • Implemented enhanced error-handling for the supply and repay flow. Users will no longer receive "Undefined error" notifications before selecting the wallet chain on the supply/repay USDC modal.


3 January 2024


  • Transparent Gas and Transport Fees: Fee breakdowns are now visible on all transaction models for easy reference. Fees are deducted from the network where the user initiates the transaction.

  • Quick Selector for Input Values: Users can now input borrow and withdraw amounts (25%, 50%, or 75%) based on LTV, and deposit or repay amounts (25%, 50%, 75%, or Max) based on the balance in the current network wallet.

  • Improved User Interface:

    • Improved user flow for executing USDC transactions across different blockchain networks

    • Optimized metadata files, and icons to now appear in browser tabs and search engine results, providing users with enhanced visibility and accessibility.


27 December 2023

New User Flow

  • Enhanced the transaction modal UX and blockchain network selection for supply, borrow, repay, and withdrawal flows, to improve cross-chain transaction experience.

    • Added Network Indicator

    • New design styles and network switch buttons

    • Streamlined data and text displayed on the interface

  • Example - Pike borrowing and withdrawal transactions are always initiated on Base Network. To assist users in navigating cross-chain transactions, new user flows to guide users through switching to the correct network, inputting the borrowed amount, specifying the withdrawal network, and initiating the transaction.


20 December 2023


  • Enhanced the user experience of the supply transaction modal.

  • Conducted code refactoring and implemented stability enhancements for Pike.

  • Resolved partial page rendering when users refresh the page or use a direct URL for landing.


  • Addressed issues with slow and stuck transmission screens occurring after transaction completion.

  • Implemented caching CoinGecko API prices, resolving cases where collateral deposits showed a $0 value for users with bad or throttled connection to CoinGecko API endpoints

  • Changes to the undefined “Wallet error” notification messages to provide a clearer explanation of the encountered errors.

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