Pyth Oracles and Price Feeds

Price Feeds

Accurate price feeds are crucial in decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly in lending markets, as they provide real-time market data essential for various operations such as borrowing and liquidations. These feeds ensure the financial health and stability of the platform. Without reliable price feeds, DeFi protocols would struggle to accurately assess the value of assets, potentially leading to financial losses or the insolvency of the ecosystem.

Price feeds for Pike are provided by our core partner, Pyth Network.

Pyth Network

With Pyth’s pull model, Pike listens to price feed updates on the Pythnet appchain and “pull” prices whenever it's needed.

Pyth Network's pull-based model for price feeds offers advantages over traditional push-based oracles. By streaming price updates off-chain and allowing users to pull prices when needed, Pyth achieves lower latency and higher reliability. This ensures constant access to accurate price data for Pike and other DeFi platforms, enhancing user confidence in operations like liquidations and debt calculations.

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